Will 4L .COMs be more or less valuable a year from now?

4L .COMs

One of the biggest question that I’ve been asked by blog readers over the past month is, “will 4L .COMs drop in value over the next year?” Two months ago 4L .COM sales were going through the roof, then in January at NamesCon I heard people say the word “bubble” over and over, and I can’t tell you how many people I spoke with said they thought the 4L .COM market would soften over the coming year.

What do I think? I don’t think there’s a bubble, I do think that short .COMs are becoming more than brandable domains, I think they are turning into a real asset class. The focus used to be completely on keyword domains but now the concept of a Chinese premium (no vowels, and no v) shed light on a new way investors to the East were valuing domains.

I think 4L .COMs will be more valuable a year from now than they are today. But who cares what I think? I have no more data than the rest of you. So what do you think? Comment and let your voice be heard!

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Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton