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Morgan's Flippa Five

Hello, happy Friday, and welcome to another edition of Morgan’s Flippa Five. We are blown away by the number of new readers coming to over the past few months, it looks like 2016 is going to be a record year for us. This also means we’ll probably have to say a few things twice, or three times since every time we post something it hits an even bigger audience.

So what is Morgan’s Flippa Five all about? Every week Morgan hand-picks five domains on Flippa. Not ten or twenty, and there are 0 affiliate links. These are all names that Morgan spends time picking that he thinks will either make good investments or be good development candidates.

With that, let’s get to this week’s names! – 18 year-old one-word .COM, these are Morgan’s favorites and definitely a tried and true category of investment-grade domains. – while there’s no doubt that is a much better name, and Morgan’s not typically a fan of names ending in “ed” this one still is a solid one-word domain, and yes it will go for a lot less than – nobody really knows where the 4L .COM market is going but with no vowels and no “v” this is the kind of investment grade 4L .COM that was selling like hot cakes in Q4 last year. – we covered this one last week and we still like it just as much. – we also have covered this name in the past, but hey – Morgan loves skiing and he also knows that Aspen Colorado is not going anywhere, it’s one of the most popular skiing destinations in the world. This name would be great for development, probably harder to flip though so we recommend only buying if you plan to build on it yourself.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton