WhyPark Introduces “Domain Apps” – Why I Think This Is A Game-Changer!

I use the word game-changer sparingly but today I think WhyPark has done something truly spectacular. WhyPark has added an entirely new concept called “Domain Apps” – customizable apps that you can add to your sites developed through their platform.

I can honestly say I’ve never seen anything like this before…and I’m amazed at how many Domain Apps they have! This not only takes the WhyPark platform to the next-level but completely changes the way that Domainers can quickly develop-out content sites onto their domains.

Just think how much time it takes to put together a hotel directory on a geo-site, now with WhyPark there’s an app for that. How about adding a paid directory? There’s an app for that too! Below you can see a list of the apps available to WhyPark customers:

When I look at each of these apps I think about the time that I myself spend as a developer adding functionality like this to my sites. I don’t just think this is great for all of my readers, I am personally going to start using this right-away as I’ve been looking for a solution like this since I started in the industry.

You can add content, media, and functionality with domain apps. If you have a game-related domains why not turn it into a Flash Games site rather than a page of links taking them to another site? I am always looking for ways to get people to stay on my site and WhyPark has created a platform that I’m certain will engage users, keep them on the site, and help create repeat customers.

I will be playing around with Domain Apps this week and will definitely share my experiences with all of my readers. This is a big move and provides a much needed solution that Domainers have been looking for – an easy way to develop their sites into destinations rather than just portals! You can read the press release about the launch below:

WhyPark Enhances Domain Development Platform with ‘Domain Apps By WhyPark’

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands  — July 6, 2010 — WhyPark, the scalable domain development division of Parked.com, Ltd., announced today the launch of “Domain Apps By WhyPark”.  The new release to the WhyPark platform allows customers to add depth, relevant engaging content and functionality, through the use of one-click installs, to domain names hosted at WhyPark.

“The next evolution of WhyPark has arrived and I am excited to make Domain Apps By WhyPark available to our customers”, said Craig Rowe, founder of WhyPark.  “Customers have been demanding new engaging applications that will attract and retain visitors to their sites.  Domain Apps By WhyPark offers just that through relevant search engine friendly text as well as video, photos and data.  I am pleased with the launch of our new Domain Apps service and look forward to building upon it in the future.”

The following Domain Apps are now available to WhyPark customers:

  • Comparison Shopping
  • Hotel Directory
  • Local Business Listings
  • Online Flash Games
  • Twitter Stream
  • Weather
  • Web Directory
  • YouTube Videos

Several Domain Apps also provide new revenue streams including the Web Directory and Comparison Shopping Domain Apps. WhyPark is already developing new Domain Apps and will continue to enhance the service to meet customers’ needs.

“I am very excited about WhyPark’s new domain apps,” stated Elliot Silver, founder of Silver Internet Ventures, LLC. “Domain Apps will allow me to add unique features and functionality to some of my geo-domain and niche industry websites, which I know will increase stickiness and revenue.”

To learn more about Domain Apps by WhyPark, visit http://www.whypark.com/domainapps/

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton