Domaining SEO Sunday: Meet PPC Ian

I had been corresponding with PPC Ian before TRAFFIC Las Vegas this year but had the chance to meet him in-person for the first time at the conference. Since then we’ve continued to correspond frequently and I’m really impressed with all of the things he is doing. He is a SEM and SEO expert and has a great blog where he shares a lot of his tips and strategies with others. Recently Ian was featured on in a great post titled, Want to become a PPC Search Marketing professional? Meet PPC Ian.

Ian is actually the Director of SEM for a large publicly traded company – that’s right, he’s on the other side of the equation helping companies market themselves online. Ian is an SEO Guru and even gives-away a presentation he gave at Stanford for free on his blog!

While I was attending TRAFFIC and Ian was at SMX learning about the latest and greatest in SEO and SEM. He’s staying on top of the trends and definitely a rising star with a blog I would highly recommend to all of my readers. If you want to learn more about Ian definitely take the time to read the great post on

I think that on SEO Sunday it is important for me to not only share SEO tips and techniques to to also expose you to some of the experts in the industry!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton