Why .tel?

In this video I discuss the reasons why I think .tel domains could be a good investment. While .tel may never be successful in the Domaining world, I have reason to believe this will be a success in the business world.

.tel is the first time I have seen Domainers close their mind to a new idea so quickly. I think the reason for this is simple – .tel is not a TLD for Domainers. We are oftentimes afraid of what we do not know, or what we do not understand. Look at Alexander Graham Bell – when he first invented the telephone many people were terrified of the new device. It is easy to be afraid of what we do not understand, but closing your mind might only cause you miss-out on an incredible opportunity.

I share some great quotes from a recent post by Kevin Jackson of eBusinessDomains.com.

Along with my own thoughts on .tel I have included an on-screen demo of how to configure your .tel domain as well as an example of a strong application for .tel – cancel.tel.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton