Interview with Craig Rowe from WhyPark

How is Why Park different from a parking page?

[CR] Rather than just a page of links, WhyPark instantly develops your domain matching relevant, full-text content with your domain name’s theme.  The result is a full site that can engage visitors and search engines, bringing more users to your domain with very little effort.

Some of my blog readers are more tech-savvy than others. What features does Why Park offer that will let the coders get their hands dirty? (i.e. editing CSS, adding custom pages, PHP, etc.)

[CR] WhyPark gives you complete customization options, all through our interface.  You can modify the HTML, CSS, add custom pages, import RSS feeds automatically, add HTML or JavaScript, etc, etc.  We don’t offer server-level programming options, but you can really customize everything to make your sites look and function the way you want.

How easy is it for someone with no web-design experience to get started with Why Park?

[CR] Very easy.  Just fill out our “Add A Domain” form assigning some keywords, choosing a template, adding a title, etc and you’re ready to go.  Then, just like hosting, point the nameservers to WhyPark and you’re live.

Can you give me some examples of Why Park pages with a high PageRank or low Alexa rank. I want to show my readers that Why Park domains can get the same kind of rankings as a hand-developed site.

[CR] Here’s a fairly customized site, although I did just sell it so it might not be on for long:  I can only really share domains that we control directly, so here are a few more that are basically out of the box:,,,

How do you provide fresh content to your sites? What options are there for users to customize the content coming-into their site?

[CR] You can add an unlimited number of pages to your sites through our interface, again by filling out a simple form.  We can also write custom content for you at $19 per page.  Finally, we license a large amount of content from different providers, get user submitted content, and aggregate some blogs to constantly get new content.  If the new content is relevant to the site’s keywords, it will be automatically added to the site.

Final Question – How do you think the Domaining world will change in 2009 vs. 2008? Is Why Park making any changes this year to adapt to different market conditions?

[CR] I really see a huge shift to development as parking falls out of flavor.  I also see some great domains becoming available as they drop.  We have some pretty significant changes in monetization opportunities right around the corner, and that should be available by the end of the month.  We’ll be issuing press releases and blog posts at as new features are ready.  I’ve just setup a free account for you as well to kick the tires on WhyPark on your own.  Let me know what you think.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton