Why I Think Some Of The Hottest New gTLDs Aren’t New To Us

New gTLDs are without a doubt the hottest news story in the Domain Investing world. However it’s important to remember that your average person has absolutely no idea about the new gTLDs. In fact many normal people are still getting used to gTLDs that are new to them, and this is why I think that some the hottest new gTLDs aren’t going to be new at all to many of us. The gTLDs I’m talking about are the ones that have been picking up steam and fast.

While there is no doubt that many Domain Investors will rush-into some or many of the new gTLDs coming out, I believe many will miss the opportunities that are already available right now. So I’m going to use new in a different way, I think some of the hottest new gTLDs aren’t new to us, but they are new to the rest of the world. My top picks are:

.ME – startups love .ME and companies are willing to pay big bucks for .ME domains, look no further than the $450,000 sale of Meet.me to see the incredible value this TLD has. Startups and app-makers love .ME, it’s brandable and easy to remember, the people running .ME have also done an amazing job of getting the word out and they certainly aren’t slowing down.

.CO – Twitter’s hot new video sharing service was launched on Vine.co, they didn’t care about the fact that the .COM was developed. The .CO team has done an absolutely amazing job building the .CO brand in the startup space and not a day goes by that a new startup doesn’t begin by branding around .CO.

.TV – online video is still in it’s infancy. Sure, we’ve all been watching ridiculous You Tube videos for years but I’m talking about streaming everything from your favorite TV shows to news to sports. Most people still have a set top box so they can watch sports and news, that’s going to change and there’s no doubt in my mind that .TV will become the home for video on the web.

.INFO – this has been one of the biggest sleepers out there but investors have seen real value in this TLD recently and as more high-quality sites are built on the TLD consumer confidence will rise as well.

Now I’m not saying investors should rush out and buy every .ME, .CO, .TV and .INFO they can find. Just to be clear I still think .COM is king and I think .COM is only going to get stronger as more gTLDs come out. I do think that premium words that would demand a six or seven-figure price tag in .COM are strong picks in these other TLDs. So that’s my opinion and those are my picks, now I’d love for to hear from you. Comment and let your voice be heard!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton