Who says all the good names are taken?

I have to say I’ve been quite surprised lately at some of the great names I’ve been able to register. While I still like to buy names that have some baseline traffic I find a fresh name can sometimes hold a lot of untapped potential.

When speaking with my Domain Consultant at Afternic he had mentioned to me that there are still a lot of good two-word .com’s around. He was right, I was able to register ForumsBusiness.com, RareWisdom.com and CollectWealth.com.

This made me think a bit about the randomness of registering names. There are so many possible combinations that there are still more great names out there. I’m even seeing some great three to four-word domains selling for good money right now. For example, fourleggedfriend.com sold for $2,488! HealthCareAgents.com sold for $2,300. This is the area I like to focus on because I think there are still a lot of great names left.

If you take a dive into .net, .com’s long distant cousin you can also find some great names…but don’t forget, .com is still (and will always be) king of the castle.

So when people say all the good names are taken, I think they are partially true. All of the $50,000 names are taken, as are all of the $1.2 million names. I’m perfectly happy with the $2,000-$5,000 names and there’s still a lot of potential out there. It’s just important to remember, you need to do something to help make your name even more valuable – get some traffic coming to the domain, develop a custom webpage – do something! Like I’ve said over and over, don’t just park your domain, do something to increase the value of your name and then you have a real investment.

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Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton