Throwing in the towl with Snapnames

I’ve been discussing my experiences with Snapnames vs. Sedo vs. Afternic on my blog a lot. Well today I finally made a decision with regards to one service, Snapnames. I recently discussed the fact that I felt left in the dark with Snapnames and didn’t feel there was much communication to me about how my domains were doing.

I sent my account manager at Snapnames an email and we just had a phone call today. He explained that he is the only account manager at Snapnames so has a lot of accounts to deal with. What he did say is that the organization is continuing to grow and we should see some changes coming-up in the near future. Snapnames wants to make their website more of a hub for domainers, allowing people to list domains for sale, register new names, and other similar services. At this point they will also most likely hire some more account managers.

For me, running a domain investment company I find what I have the least amount of is…time. The great thing about Afternic is that my account manager actively contacts me with new ideas, responds to my emails almost instantaneously, and is always looking for new opportunities for my names. This is the kind of attention I need if I’m going to have time to run my business! There’s no way I can run a business as well as manually manage a listing service account. With Snapnames I have to transfer my names to their registrar, incurring a cost before I even sell my name and making it next to impossible to sell my name through another listing service.

I like to cross-promote my domains across multiple services to allow for maximum exposure. But like I said above, what I have the least of is time. Whatever listing service allows me to list domains for sale, as well as get expert opinions, all as quickly as possible, will win.

So does this mean Snapnames is a terrible listing service? Not at all. I still think Snapnames is a great service, but it isn’t the right fit for me right now. I do believe that as they grow the operation and streamline the domain listing process things will improve but for now, as the post title says, I’ve decided to throw in the towl.

For the record I should remind everyone that this is my completely unbiased opinion as always. I am not saying anything negative about my particular account manager at Snapnames rather simply stating that with their current business model it’s not a good fit for me. Blogging, you oftentimes run a fine line between reporting an event and offending someone. I hope that my posts are always simply taken as a brief look into my head and what I think. The purpose of this blog is to help you make the most educated decision possible and save time learning things the hard way.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

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Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton