While You Were Sleeping Google Acquired Adometry

You may not have heard of Adometry but you’re probably going to start using their product since Google has acquired them and plans to integrate the cool stuff they do into Google Analytics. Adometry is an “attribution solution” which means they help businesses understand how customers get to their site and purchase products. Here’s a quick look at what the platform looks like so you can get a better idea:

Adometry Demo

Today Adometry announced the good news on their blog:

Today signifies a huge milestone in the Adometry story as we announce our acquisition by Google. Since I joined the company six years ago — and even before then — Adometry has had an amazing journey. We’ve built industry-leading solutions to help businesses across vertical industries optimize their online marketing and more efficiently allocate their resources. We couldn’t be more excited to join Google — a company that shares our core values. Not only do they focus on innovation and solving big problems, but also like Adometry, they seek to provide brands and their agency partners with the analytics and insights to improve the performance of their marketing campaigns. (Source – Adometry Blog)

While you might not use Adometry yourself you definitely work with or buy from plenty of companies who do. The company raised $44M to date and built an incredible product and team, all of which will be moving over to Google and continuing to do the great work they’ve been doing. Huge congrats to the whole team and I can’t wait to see this integrated into Google Analytics, if you’re looking for beta testers, sign me up!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton