.CLUB Sets The Bar For Launching A New gTLD

With a flood of new domain name extensions hitting the market it can be easy to get lost in the shuffle. Looks no further than TLDs like .RICH who had very disappointing results out of the gate and you can see how high the stakes are to get it right, right away. After selling close to $500,000 in premium domains during their landrush all eyes were on .CLUB for their big launch today, and it did not disappoint. Domain Incite announced today that according to the zone file .CLUB is now one of the top ten new gTLDs with over 15,000 registrations just today. When you have an experienced team running things it is clear in every step of the execution. Just look at Go Daddy homepage today:


As you can see .CLUB takes center-stage and tomorrow we’ll see the zone file but many are predicting that .CLUB has already secure a spot as one of the top ten new gTLDs. The .CLUB founders were at Go Daddy for the launch today and Go Daddy’s VP and General Manager of Domains had some pretty nice things to say about .CLUB:

“.Club has made it really easy for us and the end customer,” said McLaughlin. “They’re at a mass market price point…There are no restrictions. Anyone can just pick up a domain and use it.”  (Source – DNW)

I registered four .CLUB names myself today, Outfit.club, MobileApp.club, Pinot.club (I love Pinot and am currently a member of two Pinot clubs!), GrowthHacking.club. Feel free to share any .CLUB names you registered today and stay-tuned for the results from what I think is going to be a record-making first day. Congrats to Colin and Jeff, I know it has been a long road to get here!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton