Which Has More Liquidity .NET or .ORG?


We all know that .COM has the most liquidity when it comes to selling domains. All buyers would rather have a .COM 99% of the time but can only afford their top choice .COM a very small percentage of the time. So they look at other options. As investors we do the same thing. We would all love to have nothing but solid .COMs, but at times we have to make sacrifices and pick the .NET or .ORG when the .COM is out of our budget.

Here’s the issue. Too often do you read about how the price of a .NET or .ORG compares to a .COM. Suppose a .COM sold for $250,000, many people think that the corresponding .NET or .ORG would sell for at least $25,000, right? Well, not really. Just because one buyer had a $250,000 budget for a .COM, doesn’t mean that there are any buyers out there even with a $2,500 for the .NET or .ORG. They don’t have as much liquidity because in most cases you are giving buyers their second choice.

So I wanted to ask all of you this question, which do you think has more liquidity .NET or .ORG?

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton