Three Things That Can Ruin A Good Domain Name

We’ve all seen it many times before, and yes, we’ll see it again many times. What I’m talking about is domains that are almost awesome but there’s something that makes them, well, not as awesome. Still, many new investors buy domains that are oh so close to great domains but have one glaring quality that kills the value.

Below are three things that can ruin a good domain name and yes, no matter how close you are to a good domain name, one letter really can make a difference.

  1. An “S” in the wrong place – is an awesome domain, is a lot less awesome name. The same thing is true for and Notice how one little “S” can make a world of difference? When you’re buying a domain, make sure the words that are plural make sense being plural.
  2. The dreaded double and triple-letter – Putting the same two letters together can sometimes make a domain confusing to type, spell, and remember. Put three together and you’re talking serious confusion. While might sound like a great brand to you, the three s’s all together make it look like this when it’s all lower-case
  3. A TLD nobody has ever heard of – so you went-out and got an amazing exact-match domain Sure the keyword is the word “insurance” but finding someone that wants to build their brand on a or a isn’t very easy.

Feel free to share some other things you’ve found can ruin a good domain name or comment on any of the qualities I’ve listed above. Oh and next time you’re buying a domain that you think is so close to a name that just sold for big bucks, take a long hard look and make sure it doesn’t have one of these glaring issues that could ruin a great domain.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton