What Happened To DNFBlog?

One of the newest and most active blogs to enter the Domaining Blog space this year was DNFBlog.com written by Puranjay, a domain investor and blogger. The blog launched in January of this year and quickly ramped up with 58 posts in March and 61 in April. The blog covered a variety of topics from industry news to tips and tricks for investors.


In April they added a video intro that launches every time you go to the site introducing the blog and DNForum itself. I found the video a bit cheesy but at the same time can understand the value of it for new visitors who might not know much about the blog or DNForum. Since the focus of this blog was educating new Domainers I could definitely see this making them feel more comfortable.

Now it looks like the blog has gone dark with no posts coming out since May 1st. I was a fan of this blog and thought it was a great addition to the community, now the question is, what happened to DNFBlog?

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton