WordPress Wednesday: Three Great Creative Business Themes

Hello and welcome to a little weekly segment I’ve decided to call WordPress Wednesday’s. People always ask me what WordPress themes I like so as per usual I like to turn these into a post rather than just share this information with one person. For my first WordPress Wednesday I thought it would be fun to share three of my favorite Business Themes.

WordPress can be an excellent way to build a professional looking site for your business that is easy to update, and best of all, looks good. Let’s face it, too many businesses have old, junky-looking websites, many don’t realize that something like WordPress could completely revamp their site without a lot of work. Of course using a business theme doesn’t mean you have to be boring, I’ve picked out three of my favorite creative business themes that can really make your corporate site look a little less corporate and a bit more fun. The themes below are all top-notch in my opinion and for under $100 they cost a heck of a lot less than hiring a web developer to revamp your site.

Empire – WooThemes

Empire Theme

Empire is a slick yet simple business theme. It literally takes under an hour to completely configure and the front slider looks great if you have a nice high-res image (think $10 or less on iStockPhoto). I really like that they have the “Get In Touch” section on the front of the page. Great spot in the upper right-hand corner to give a personalized touch by introducing visitors to your team. Like all WooThemes you don’t have to write a single line of code and the customized dashboard module is incredibly easy to configure.

Envisioned – Elegant Themes

Envisioned Theme

While this theme may be a bit too artsy for some companies I think it looks incredibly clean. There’s something about the simplicity of this theme that’s always really spoken to me. It is intended as a theme for a personal blog but I think it would make an amazing theme for any business that builds websites, takes photos, videos, etc. Let’s face it, some of the standard business themes don’t quite fit for the more creative companies out there, this one does and it looks great with a simple text logo.

Momento – ThemeForest

Momento Theme

This is another very visual business theme and a great one for any company looking for a more Web 2.0 look. The three text boxes underneath the photo are great for focusing the visitor on the three key items you want your customers to focus on. The navigation at the top doesn’t steal the show allowing your visitor to focus on what’s important. Theme Forest themes are great but not a good choice for beginners so if you’re just starting out I’d stick with one of the others I’ve mentioned above.

Note: I do have affiliate links in this post for these themes. If you feel like cutting me out of the equation simply visit the site directly.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton