What Do You Get When You Combine Southern California Domainers and Uniregistry?

Tomorrow is a big day for Domainers in Los Angeles, it marks one of the largest MeetUps to-date with over 75 people attending and a monster sponsor – Uniregistry, a company that I have many times likened to the Apple of domain registrars.

Southern California Domainers and Uniregistry

This will be the first MeetUp of the year which means that many Southern California Domainers have been itching to re-connect after NamesCon and before The Domain Conference making the timing about as good as it gets. Jason, the founder of the Southern California Domainers MeetUp group is a good friend of mine and told me this will definitely be an event to remember and I’m sure it will be.


The photo above is from one of the very early Southern California Domainer MeetUps from back in 2010, you might recognize a few people in this photo.

So if you’re in the LA-area don’t miss-out on a great night of food, drinks, and Domainers – it doesn’t get much better than that!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton