Morgan’s Flippa Five: The Great, the good, and the ugly

Morgan's Flippa Five

Hello, happy Tuesday, and welcome to Morgan’s Flippa Five. This week I’m going to switch things up a bitand try something new. While I see a lot of great domains hitting Flippa every week, I also see a few ridiculous ones that I thought might be fun to point out.

So let’s start with the ridiculous:

Car.Company (Listed at $18,000,000) – sorry but this is just insane, please don’t spend 18 million dollars on a .COMPANY domain, oh and for whoever listed this, get a clue – divide this number by ten and you still wouldn’t get a single offer.

Now onto three that I like: – I love this domain, it’s a big one, HTML isn’t going anywhere and this is a nice short name in a huge niche. It’s currently at $31,000 which IMO is still below market on this name. – while .IO is still a very new market, it has seen some signs of real market value, of course prices will be well below .COM, but these names have value and is under $50 with three days to go. – as I’ve said many times, I’m no expert when it comes to numeric domain names but I can tell you that 4N domains seem to be hotter than ever from what I’ve seen. sold for $180,000 last week so there is real value in this market segment.

And last but not least, a domain that I think would be a great brand name: – this is an incredibly memorable name for a company in the tax space. I can see the TV ads now, take your savings to the moon with Rocket Tax!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton