What do you find on the first page of Google when searching for Christmas Eve?

I’m going to keep this post short and sweet since we just finished dinner and are getting ready to watch one of my all-time favorite Christmas movies – Elf. Yes, I’m a big Will Farrell fan.

Of course, as a Domainer I can’t help but take a quick look at Google to what developed domains happened to make their way onto the first page for the search string Christmas Eve. Holiday domains are a strange bunch, some are developed, others aren’t, and it’s hard to know exactly who the right buyer is for some of them.

ChristmasEve.com, .net, and .org are all parked so I knew I wouldn’t find them in the search results…but Christmas.com is developed and I was rooting for them hoping to find it on page one or towards the top of page two, but no dice.

Then I spotted a two-word .COM that had made its way onto the first page of Google amidst a sea of news stories about Christmas Eve – WhyChristmas.com.


As you all know by now, I’m a big fan of two-word .COMs and this is a solid example of a developed two-word .COM that has done an excellent job with SEO and managed to get themselves on the first page of Google for Christmas Eve…and they’re the only domain that isn’t a news site, social media site, or of course Wikipedia, to make the cut.

Now, all that being said, most people aren’t actually going to Google and searching for “Christmas Eve” because that wouldn’t make much sense. So what are people searching for? I hopped over to Google trends to take a look and it looks like the top two are – checking to see if Christmas Eve is a federal holiday and seeing what restaurants are open on Christmas Even. Here’s the full top five list:


(Source – Google Trends)

So do you get a lot of traffic for getting on the first or second page of Google for Christmas Eve, maybe not, and if you did it doesn’t seem like traffic that would be easy to monetize. Still, it takes some real SEO chops to get onto the first page of Google given how much SEO power social media and news sites have so its always cool to see someone make it happen. Okay – enough geeking out about domains for tonight. Hats off to the owners of WhyChristmas.com for some solid SEO work. Now, it’s time to light a fire, make some tea, and watch Elf.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton