Domain industry veteran Pinky Brand join RegistryOffice

Today I learned that domain industry veteran Pinky Brand has joined RegistryOffice, a company that builds business intelligence software for registries. If you don’t know Pinky, you should, along with being one of the nicest people I’ve met in the domain industry he has also been very successful selling two domain startups that he founded to public companies, one to a Fortune 500.


Pinky announced the news today on his blog and shared a little more about why he decided to join the company.

This wasn’t a snap decision. However it was an easy one in view of my long-time relationship with the founders, the entire team and the services. In the early days of RegistryOffice I evaluated a beta version of the Business Intelligence service for a registry operator client and instantly recognized its benefits. With great clients, their valuable feedback + a killer team of respected industry veterans on the RegistryOffice side, the service just keeps on getting better and better. (Source –

I spent some time poking around on the RegistryOffice site and it looks like a pretty slick solution and likely something that just about any registrar would want to use since I don’t think there’s anything else out there like it. The UX looks really clean and given how much data a registry has to manage I can imagine having a Dashboard like this makes a huge difference and likely replaces a zillion annoying spreadsheets. Here’s an example of what the Dashboard looks like:


I see this has a massive win for RegistryOffice, they’re getting one of the industry’s best both in experience and attitude. Pinky mentioned in his blog post that they are going to be at NamesCon this year so if you want to learn more about the solution in-person, that’s a good chance to do it.

Congrats to RegistryOffice and Pinky!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton