What an incredible (and exhausting) day

So I don’t normally talk about my daily life on my blog but today was just too exciting not to. This week is Shoptalk, the largest retail innovation show in the world (or at least I think it is!) and the biggest show for our company. This week 8,000 people ranging from the CEO or Macy’s to huge software companies like Google and Facebook, to innovative startups (like us!) converge in Las Vegas for three days to talk about innovation and the future of retail.

This morning we woke up at 5:30AM, got to the booth around 7AM, spent the whole day in back-to-back meetings, then I gave a talk which ended at 7:10PM, and now I’m getting ready to head to dinner – what a day, and it’s still going! Suffice it to say, the show is a busy one, here’s a look at the scene outside of the exhibit hall this morning:


The weeks leading up to a tradeshow like this is pretty intense for us. Last week I was up around 6am every day and often found myself working past midnight usually eating lunch while writing emails. Even last night after two weeks of non-stop prep I found myself working until midnight sending out a final email blast at around 11PM.

Here’s a look at what our booth looks like:


Today was a particularly exciting day for us as we launched our newest product – Apparel Insights. This products builds on our existing reporting products that are used by retailers like Men’s Wearhouse and Express and is another step towards our ultimate vision which is to fundamentally change the way that brands make clothes. You can learn more about it by clicking this fun little image that I whipped up in Photoshop below:


The day ended with a talk that we gave about how AI + body data is being used to help apparel brands innovate in new ways. It was a fun talk to give and exciting to speak at a conference like Shoptalk where everyone in the audience is equally interested and excited about innovation. Oh and if you ever wondered what I would look like as a cartoon…here’s the answer:

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton