Weekly Domain Investing News Roundup – Friday, August 16th, 2019

Hello, happy Friday, and welcome to my weekly Domain Investing news roundup. Below are some of the top stories that caught my eye this week, and if you just want a quick update before you head into the weekend, here’s a brief summary of this week’s news below.

Weekly domain investing news brief:

The week started out with Neustar announcing that they will be taking control of .COMPARE and .SELECT and will also become the backend provider for .VU. News also broke this week of what could possibly be the worst new domain extension on the planet, a spelling of .eu using two greek letters that resemble an “e” and a “u” – yikes!

Popular domain sales catalog NameBio released an API giving people and companies direct access to over $1.8B in domain sales data. Speaking of sales data, Uniregistry released data on their top 20 sales this week with Wearly.com taking the cake at $25,000. Something very interesting also happened this week when it comes to sales numbers with Shopping.uk locking in the #1 spot at $56,055.

Efty debuted a new Marketplace theme called Spinoza this week and Radix shared their 2019 premium domain report going into the second half of the week. There has also been some discussion about hotel options for NamesCon Austin with some people expressing concern around pricing, Alvin (who lives in Austin) shared some alternative options for those looking for less expensive options.

To end the week, Sedo released the results from their .UK domain auction, the top sale was Big.uk at 4,350 GBP which comes out to around $5,200 USD.

Weekly domain investing news stories:

  • Neustar takes control of two new gTLDs (read more on Domain Incite)
  • Worst domain extension will soon launch (read more on OnlineDomain.com)
  • NameBio rolls out an API for interactive domain name data queries (read more on DomainGang)
  • Neustar new backend provider for .vu (read more on TheDomains)
  • Who bought the top 20 sales at Uniregistry this week (read more on Domain Name Wire)
  • A ccTLD & a .Com That Was Quickly Flipped for a 400% Profit Top This Week’s Sales Chart (read more on DNJournal)
  • Presenting Spinoza. The Sixth Efty Marketplace Theme. (read more on the Efty Blog)
  • Radix 2019 premium domains report (read more on OnlineDomain.com)
  • 9 Alternative Hotel Options for NamesCon 2020 (read more on TheDomains)
  • Sedo’s .UK Auction Results (read more on DomainInvesting.com)

I hope you all had a great week, if you think I missed a story that should have been included in here, feel free to mention it in the comment section below.

Of course, if you want to share your thoughts on any of the news from this week, share away – I want to hear from you, comment and let your voice be heard!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton