Weekend Musings: Never A Dull Moment!

Weekend Musings

I hope that you all had a great week and are enjoying some downtime this weekend. We had a great morning walk followed by an amazing breakfast and I couldn’t be more excited about today! Today our incredibly talented PHP Developer (and CTO of Appraiso) is coming to LA for an all-day team work session. We are putting the finishing touches on our website appraisal system which will be out next month! It’s taken over a year to put-together and it has been damn fun, today is a pretty exciting day for us as a team so I’m going to keep this post short and sweet!

  • I bought two .COM domains from the 90’s toward the end of December that have already seen some nice offers. This year I’ve really become an unmotivated seller which has been a goal of mine for sometime. I’d be happy if I sold one tenth the amount of names I did last year, but for a lot more money. I turned down a low-five figure offer which is something I honestly thought I’d never do! I think Rick Schwartz really hits it home in his interview with Domain Sherpa, it’s much more exciting to sell a domain to someone that sees the value and will really use it to its full potential. While I don’t think any of my .nets or .orgs really fall-into this category, a good one or two-word .COM can be the platform for a world-class brand!
  • I’m trying-out a new press release service that looks really promising. Press releases are a great way to get good, organic backlinks, the challenge is writing a good press release. The new service I am using actually conducts a short interview with you and then puts together the press release and sends it out to reporters all over the world. Since I haven’t used this service before I’m going to wait to recommend it until I know for sure that it is as good as it seems – more to come!
  • DOMAINfest is right around the corner! I can’t wait to see everyone in Santa Monica and couldn’t be more excited about the conference. If you haven’t signed-up yet it’s not too late and there are some amazing hotel options in the area if you want to save some dough.
  • I have two pretty exciting announcements planned for next week, if you subscribe to my newsletter you’ll find-out before everyone else.
  • Our first Southern California Domainer MeetUp has 62 people that have RSVPed and we’re still over a week-away from the event. This looks like it is going to be our best MeetUp yet and a very exciting start to 2012!

Okay, that’s all for now! Make sure to subscribe to my newsletter and get ready for some exciting announcements next week. Have a great weekend and as always please feel free to share your own weekend musings in the comment section below.

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Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton