How One Of Our Brands Got Over 1 Million Impressions So Far In 2012

It’s always exciting when good SEO makes great things happen. When you’re building a brand, especially in a competitive niche, SEO can sometimes seem like a never-ending process. However, if you’re patient enough to take the time to do it right, it is absolutely possible to rank well for very competitive terms. Of course, it’s not free and it’s often a combination of the time and money that scare most people away from targeting higher-volume terms.

Most of the brands that we build focus on niches with relatively low search volume and competition. This is the low-hanging fruit I’ve been going after since 2008 and makes up the bread-and-butter of our business. Still, we have some major sites in niches with a lot of competition, one of which is our kayaking brand – We spent a lot of time and money getting the site ranked for “Kayaking” which was instrumental for driving traffic to the site in 2011. Now, I’m excited to say that we’ve recently hit the first page of Google for the term – “Kayak” which has been bringing-in north of 100,000 impressions on Google every day.

Before you get too overly excited please understand that these are impressions on Google, which means the number of times on Google that somebody sees our site within the results. Clicks are always significantly lower than impressions but at this level we are seeing a nice increase in visitors thanks to our new ranking for this term. It’s always fun to look at the Google Webmaster Tools Data to see how your impressions changed the day you start ranking well for a specific term (according to Google’s TOS I cannot publicly show clicks so this data has been removed from the chart):


As you can see, from 1/4 – 1/6 the number of impressions coming from Google Skyrocketed. While it might look like a flat line before, this flat line was representing between 1,000 – 1,500 impressions daily, but the jump makes the old numbers look like nothing in comparison! This year we are targeting four total terms in the niche and as we rank well for each term we will bring in a whole new stream of visitors to our site.

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Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton