Weekend Musings and hello from LA 👋

Hello, happy Sunday, and welcome to my weekend musings. This week I have been in Los Angeles for PI Apparel, an apparel innovation conference that we go to. Here’s me and Jeff, our VP of Product at the booth.

The conference was great, our schedule was jam-packed with meetings and it’s pretty amazing to see how companies like Patagonia, Lands’ End, Nike, and many of the brands you know and love are approaching innovation.

We announced a new feature to our core API that allows brands to export what’s called an .OBJ file. These files can plugin software like Browzwear or Clo3D which are used to design clothes. For a long time brands have been trying to guess who wears a size Medium in their clothes. Typically they design for a Medium and then grade the pattern up and down to get the right size…if their guess on who buys their Medium is wrong, all the other sizes end up being a little off. We’re able to provide brands with data on who actually buys their Medium and keeps it, and we’re already seeing this data change the way clothes are being made – pretty exciting!

After the conference I left Downtown LA and headed out to my friend Braden’s house. I’m sure many of you already know Braden Pollock, along with being a very successful domain investor, he’s also an angel investor and serial entrepreneur. We’ve been friends for over ten years now and where Braden lives has amazing access to incredible hiking and biking.

Me and Lisa (Braden’s wife) went for an awesome bike ride yesterday and we enjoyed some fun in the sun by the pool.

I know, my legs are spindly and look like they’ve never seen the sun. I thought I’d get ahead of that one before someone else pointed it out in the comment section 😝  Later in the afternoon Braden taught me some archery basics, he pretty talented…me, not so much, but I still had a lot of fun!

Today we’re going to have a Sunday, in fact right now we’re getting ready to hop in the hot tub. So with that, I’m going to take a break from my laptop and put on my swimsuit. I hope you’re all having a nice weekend!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton