Weekend Musings


Hello, happy Sunday and welcome to my weekend musings. This has been a busy work weekend as we get ready for New York Fashion Week. Fashion Metric is sponsoring Nolcha Fashion Week, an event focused on independent designers from around the world. Since we are all about helping new brands get discovered this was a perfect fit.

It’s also our first Fashion Week which means it’s been a lot to prepare for and we’re learning new things every step of the way. It’s been an amazing journey for us so far and we also know that it’s still just beginning. We couldn’t be more excited to experience the buzz of Fashion Week and check-out some amazing designers to add to the platform.

It has been a great summer and as we head into the fall I am more excited than ever. On the domain-front we have some really great deals in the works with some amazing startups. Overall I’m finding still a big preference for .COM but strong interest in .CO and .ME as a second choice if the .COM is taken.

One trend I have noticed is that app-makers are definitely less concerned with domains than web-based companies which makes sense and has definitely been exemplified by Vine who has branded around Vine.co. It also makes me wonder how .APP will do which is one of the few gTLDs I really think has strong potential. Domain hacks are also getting more popular than ever which has made extensions like .ES and .IT really shine in some cases.

All that being said I wouldn’t rush-out and buy a bunch of domain hacks, these are like lottery tickets and while some can turn into profitable investments, most will just sit renewing year after year. I still think most of the liquidity is in one and two word .COMs but I’m also a big .CO and .ME fan as I see them having growing potential over the years.

Fashion, Startups, Domains, it’s a busy life and we’re loving every minute of it. I hope you all had a great weekend, as always feel free to comment on my musings or share your own weekend adventures!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton