Flippa Friday – Domains Selling On Flippa This Week

Flippa Friday on MorganLinton.com

I used to do a weekly post called Flippa Friday where I would highlight a few notable website sales on Flippa. While Flippa is still focused on website sales, domain sales have become a growing part of Flippa’s business. While .COM always has strong liquidity the Flippa community also definitely appreciates a good .INFO domain.

Below are some of the domains currently selling on Flippa that I think are worth highlighting:

Affiliate.info on Flippa

affiliate.info – $13,700 with 23 bids


H2O.com – $150,000 with 12 bids (reserve not met)

Websites.info on Flippa

websites.info – $18,200 with 91 bids

Scan.info on Flippa

scan.net and scan.info – $3,100 with 6 bids (reserve not met)

Submit.info on Flippa

submit.info – $2,000 with 4 bids (reserve not met)

If you want to see daily Flippa sales make sure to check-out HybridDomainer who does a daily sales recap that includes Flippa domain sales. You can read his recap from yesterday here.

As always I’d love to hear from you, feel free to share any other domain sales on Flippa you’d like to highlight or comment on any of the ones I’ve listed above. Last but not least, Happy Friday, I hope you all had an incredible week and are looking forward to an even more incredible weekend!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton