Weekend Musings

Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of “Weekend Musings.” This time I really am going to keep it short and sweet as I am in Vancouver for a family wedding. Still, as usual, the gears are turning and I enjoy letting all of you inside my head on Saturday when I can take a step back and reflect on the week.

  • Go Daddy is being sold to K.K.R and Silverlake – I have mixed feelings about this one being a long-time customer of Go Daddy’s. One of the things I’ve always liked about Go Daddy is their VIP program. as a VIP you have direct access to an account manager who, at least in my experience, goes above-and-beyond to reduce your workload, help you save money, and truly add significant value to the experience. Brett, my account manager absolutely rocks and I really hope that this move doesn’t impact this program. It is because of the VIP program that I’ve stayed such a loyal customer to Go Daddy and whenever a company is sold you have to wonder what changes will take place…keeping my fingers crossed.
  • DomainShane wrote a really funny post yesterday that I recommend you read for a little weekend humor. The post is called 10 Previously Unknown Great Moments in Domaining – go read it now, this is one of my favorites!
  • There are some absolutely stellar domains dropping right now. This has been a great year for drops and as someone who looks at drops daily, I can tell you it seems to only be getting better. The advice I’ve been following which isn’t my own but instead has come from several people I highly respect is – focus on .COM, and don’t be afraid to spend some money, as long as you do your research you could get some truly phenomenal names.
  • Record traffic in June! Pretty exciting news for me – June was the highest traffic month not only for my blog but also for a number of my major brands. I’m not sure why these two events happened in the same month but I’m not going to complain, I think Social Media is one of the key driving forces and a new strategy (and team-member) I put in place last month is making a big impact on traffic and revenue.
  • Vancouver looks like crap now. The riots left the beautiful city of Vancouver with boards over many of the windows of shops and stores. Yesterday was Canada day and it seems that everyone here also decided it was okay just to throw garbage everywhere. Now the city honestly looks like a dump with smashed windows and garbage, food, and bottles all over the ground. Below is a picture of one of the stores in the aftermath of the riots:

I bumped-into John Krasinki in the Starbucks line at LAX, happy to say that he really seems to be a lot like his character in the office. I think John is someone we’ll be seeing in more movies than TV shows in the future. Either way, always cool to see someone that doesn’t become a total jerk once their famous – this fan just became an even bigger fan.

  • I am hearing more and more great things about all of the Startup Weekend events taking place in the US. I can’t wait to attend the Startup Weekend and in LA and think these are great opportunities for entrepreneurs to get together, get social, and get in front of VCs in a very different environment. The more we can move the funding process away from the boardroom the better in my opinion.
  • As usual I have failed at making this post short and sweet. Time to go, this weekend is all about spending time with family and enjoying some R&R in Vancouver. Have a great weekend everyone!
Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton