Weekend Musings


I hope all of you had a great week, I know life can get particularly hectic during the holidays and with Christmas one week away, it’s crunch time! Somehow I’ve avoided the holiday stress however maybe it will kick-in next week but so far so good! This weekend we’re headed up to Santa Barbara which should be a nice escape after a busy week. This was incredible on all fronts with a major press release going-out for a new development we’ve made on Kayaking.org, to a nice flip, to a new direct advertising partner on one of our top sites. I’m going to keep my musings particularly short today because, well, I’m ready to be driving along the California coast rocking-out to Spotify.

  • This week we did a press release for a brand-new booking system we added to Kayaking.org, it got great coverage and brought some new partners onboard. You can read the release here at the Miami Herald, one of the many sources that covered it!
  • I am excited to say that we’ve also locked-in our first 20 booking partners that we will be working with on a Pay-Per-Lead basis covering some of the top destinations in the US!
  • Yesterday I announced a nice domain flip for the week, this marks three months in a row of solid flips, and I got an offer on a domain shortly after I wrote the article…something must be in the air!
  • Daina and I launched a brand-new blog – StartupNook.com this week where we’ll be covering our own software startup, Appraiso, and the LA Startup Scene. Last week we interviewed Peter Pham, the former Co-Founder of Color and current partner in Science, a new technology studio in LA. It’s been a lot of fun already and there is much more to come!
  • I am currently bidding on 12 expired domains, all .COM’s and all with registration dates in the 90’s. This is mostly what I’ve been buying lately and it’s not easy to find great names, I’ve been very patient though and am really focusing on holding-out until I find quality. That being said, I bid on a lot of names now as I’ve been able to scoop-up a few gems for a very low price, I don’t mind if I lose half or more of these auctions, I care about what price I pay for a name of a particular quality.
  • I have another big announcement in the works for next week, something I think everyone who is interested in Domain Development will really love. I don’t want to say any more, but I will tell you that Newsletter Subscribers will find-out first, so sign-up now if you haven’t already.

Okay, and with that we’re off to Santa Barbara – have a great weekend everyone!

(Photo sourcet: ekna on Flickr)

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton