Weekend Musing


Hello, happy Sunday, and welcome to my weekend musings. I just took the photo above while having breakfast with Daina on our patio. Yes, it looks like summer has come early and according to the weather report it’s going to be 81 degrees this afternoon. So, we’re heading off to Malibu for a day of hiking, wine tasting, and just enjoying some much-needed R&R.

We spent most of the day yesterday working on Fashion Metric and have a big week ahead with a completely packed schedule next week and the following. Last week we added polo shirts to the site and like all things FM we’re focused on finding truly unique, high-quality polos that you probably haven’t seen before. Along with polos we also added wallets thanks to a new partnership with an awesome company called Bison Made. You can check-out all our new arrivals next week here. (oh and remember, blog readers get 25%-off with coupon code MORGANVIP25)

On the domain-front things are also absolutely rocking with over $1M in deals closing over the next two months. Next week one of our recent deals will be live on DNJournal, not a huge one but still a nice one-word .COM deal that will turn-into something great! The second semester of the DomainMBA program is also in full-swing and it is incredibly exciting to see so many students move Domaining from a hobby to a business.

Last but not least, I am testing-out some listings on Flippa, one of them closes today – MuscleCars.info and with a $17 reserve I’m interested to see where this goes. Definitely not going to make thousands of dollars but with Flippa I have one focus, can I double my money? Sure you won’t get the 10x or 100x return you’ll get with an end-user but if you can double your money doing anything, that’s not too bad right?

I hope you all are having a great weekend, as always feel free to share your own weekend musings or comment on any of mine. Happy Sunday!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton