Flippa Friday: Message.com, MuscleCars.info, Programmable.net and More

Flippa Friday

Hello, happy Friday and welcome to Flippa Friday here on MorganLinton.com! There are some truly exceptional domains on Flippa this week and a flurry of bidding activity. Below are my top domain picks from Flippa for this week including one of my own listings!

Message.com – I think it goes without saying that Message.com is an absolutely stellar domain and it’s this quality of name we’re seeing more and more on Flippa.

MuscleCars.info – a great domain for anyone who loves muscle cars, over 70,000 monthly searches and a CPC of $0.92. Low reserve and ending this weekend.

Programmable.net – sure, I’m not crazy about .NET domains but there are some keywords that I think make sense in it. This is one of them and with more and more programmable devices coming to market I can see this being a nice long play.

Salsa.com – another great domain that really needs no explanation, already at $25,000 with 8 bids.

RealEstateForeclosures.com – solid real estate domain, already at $8,000 with 6 bids and there are still 12 days to go. Lots of lead generation potential with this name.

WeddingBlogs.com – when we were getting into wedding-mode I did read my fair share of wedding blogs. This would be an awesome domain for aggregating wedding blogs or just forwarding to an existing one.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton