Watch out for this China Registry .CN domain name scam

Last week I got a strange email from someone named Zhifa Ning ( who told me they were going to register my first and last name in .cn,,, apparently they are very important to them. Here’s the email:

Zhifa Ning Scam

First, I can’t argue with them, I’m flattered to think that my first and last name are important to them 🤣  Obviously I’m kidding here, and this made me realize pretty much immediately – this looks like a scam. So I did a little Google search for, and here’s what came up: domain scam

So it looks like I’m certainly not the first person to get this scam email. Then this morning I got an email from Adrian Liu (, here’s what he sent:

China Registry Scam

First, it’s never a good sign when someone sends you an email claiming to be with a company, in this can emails you from…that’s a red flag 🚩  Of course everything “Adrian” and “Zhifa” say in their emails doesn’t make any sense, but if you don’t know much about domain names I could see this being very confusing and concerning.

I looked through the different reports on Google about the scam and in many cases people did get confused and first and started emailing back and forth with them.

So if you get an email from Adrian Liu or Zhifa Ning from China Registry, it’s a scam and you can ignore it.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton