Want to make your side hustle your main hustle?

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As the ability to make money online accelerated over the last decade, so has the number of people with a “side hustle.” It makes sense, in the 1950’s the concept of a “side hustle” meant physically going somewhere and doing something, today it means staying right where you are and just doing something different on your computer.

Add to the mix that the cost of hosting has dropped dramatically and solutions like WordPress, Wix, and others make it possible to build a website without writing any code and there’s a lot of opportunity out there.

When we started Bold Metrics, it was a side-hustle. Daina was doing her PhD, I was working at Sonos, and we had an idea for a way to use machine learning to solve a really interesting problem. It has been an incredible experience quitting my job and turning my side hustle into my full time job, and the fact that we’re eight years in and still rocking feels amazing.

Some people like working for a company, like the idea that they can focus on one area of a business and let other people worry about all the other stuff. For me, I was always interested in understanding all the different parts of a company from raising money from VCs to building a team, working with clients, marketing, etc. When I was at Sonos, I really loved my work but I only worked on one part of the business and there was no way they would have let me join their investor pitches, interview engineers, or any of the things I’ve had the chance to do running a company.

Over the years I know a lot of people who have had side-hustles that they want to turn into their main hustle, they’ve asked me what I think and it’s always a hard question to tackle. The reality is, everyone’s situation is different, every idea is different, every opportunity is different – in short, it’s tough to navigate and know what path is right.

So I was pretty excited to see that Flippa, a market for buying and selling online businesses, websites and domain names, is running a virtual conference dedicated specifically to this topic. The event is called Own Your Future and it features speakers like serial entrepreneurs like Sandra Shpilberg and Noah Kagan and many more.

The event is free and will take place on July 9th, you can snag a ticket here.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton