Using Twitter And Facebook To Build Your Brand

Twitter and Facebook have emerged as the ten-trillion pound gorillas in the social networking space – however very few people truly understand how to use either of these services to build their brand. While there are a growing number of companies who “get it” the vast majority are still confused by both of these services. As a domain investor or blogger both of these services can help grow your business and increase brand awareness…at the same time they can also hurt your brand if not used properly.

So what is the right and wrong way to use these services? I’ve created two lists below for Facebook and Twitter exemplifying what you should and shouldn’t be doing to brand your business and grow awareness through these services.

Build Your Brand With Facebook

  1. Share relevant information about your business including articles, events, videos, etc.
  2. Reach-out to other people within the industry and become “Friends” on Facebook
  3. Start a Facebook Group for your company, blog, or area of interest and invite others to join

Hurt Your Brand With Facebook

  1. Don’t write posts about how “hammered” you got the night before if you are using Facebook for both business and pleasure
  2. Limit your photos to business-appropriate photos (that one of you doing a keg-stand should be removed if you’re using Facebook for business)
  3. Don’t add “Friends” to Facebook that could put inappropriate pictures or comments on your wall

Build Your Brand With Twitter

  1. Follow other people in your niche
  2. ReTweet interesting posts with useful information by those you follow
  3. Share articles and updates about your company

Hurt Your Brand With Twitter

  1. Don’t send Tweets telling people how they can make $50,000/month – if you were doing that you wouldn’t be Tweeting about it!
  2. As with Facebook don’t send Tweets about how drunk you got one night – save this for a personal Twitter account if you really feel like sharing
  3. Never ReTweeting – if other people ReTweet your posts you should return the favor when they have posts that would be relevant to your followers
Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton