FitnessGames(dot)us Strikes Gold – How I Got On The First Page Of Yahoo out of 314 MILLION results!

Today I found a surprise when I looked at my Adsense account – a domain of mine, FitnessGames(dot)us had made $31.48 and that’s as of 1:45 PM – there is a whole second half of the day ahead! While this has been one of my consistent money-makers it isn’t making $30 a day…until now! So of course I’m suspicious at first (as you always should be) so went-over to Analytics to check-out where the traffic is coming from. Much to my relief I found the traffic is all coming from Yahoo search – specifically the term “fitness video games.” I went to Yahoo and typed in the search string and there I was – on the first page, third from the top! In fact I’m outranking and PriceGrabber which means my site is now in a very valuable slot!


Just today I’ve received over 1,200 pageviews! So what happened here? Well, given that Christmas is getting closer by the day and Wii Fit is a hot product, people are looking for fitness games – and of course they’re searching online. I picked-up this domain around the time the Wii Fit came-out however it isn’t until now that the trend has literally exploded and my rankings along with it! A domain that was making me a reasonable income is now on-pace to make around $1,000 in the next month if this trend continues! Yes – it’s only day one but I have over 120 domains of which around sixty are on the first page of Yahoo or Google and the day they hit is always the beginning of something big.

Now am I just going to sit-back and collect the money? Not yet! When a domain gets to this point there are lots of little tweaks I apply to make sure I am maximizing the revenue the domain can provide. As I said I make thousands of dollars a month domaining, not tens of thousands, but every time a domain like this strikes gold I get one step closer to my goal of making five-figures a month with domains. Mark your calendars, December 14th is the day I got one step closer! This same experience has happened to me around sixty times…how many times has it happened to you? If not feel free to have my company design a site for you – we have great prices and put a big focus on SEO and Monetization so your sites will rank well and generate revenue!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton