Go Big or Go Home – How Big Are Your Dreams?

Have you ever had that big idea, you know the one where you think you could literally change the world? What happened to that idea? In most cases we’ve all had great ideas but it is all too easy to say “well I could never pull that off.” Once you close your mind to the possibility of incredible success you are doomed to remain stuck in the purgatory many of us find ourselves in.

So let’s go back to that big idea? Was it really too big for you? Chances are it wasn’t, but you never organized it into smaller pieces so you could give your idea the attention it deserved. Now you might be wondering, “so what does all this have to do with domain investing?”

As domain investors it is easy to become focused on something that can make us a quick buck. Many Domainers buy and sell domains at almost an equal pace every week. While you might only make a few hundred dollars per domain, it adds-up and before you know it – you have an income stream! Now look at someone like Rick Schwartz – he doesn’t buy or sell domains on a weekly basis – in fact he sells less than one domain a year – but he dreams BIG with that domain, and in the end turns his dream into a reality!

Now I’m not saying you should change your Domaining strategy and pull focus away from what is actually making you money. What I am saying you should do is dust-off that idea you had, the BIG one. Break it into smaller pieces and start moving towards your goal. Let’s face it – your big idea could be a million dollar idea and if you never try it…you’ll never know what could have been. Being comfortable is important and consistent income makes that possible…but dreaming big and tracking towards achieving your dream could change your life. So don’t stop what you’re doing, keep making money, but bring-back that big idea you had, believe in yourself and starting making moves to bring yourself closer to that goal.

I wanted to make a television show about Domain Investing. I’m flying Chef Patrick out to be my first guest, the first episode is filming in January. The next six episodes will come by the end of Q3 2010. After that I am going to every television studio I can find and pitching them what I know has the potential to be a phenomenal television show. This television show will finally show the world what all of us are doing. Yes – we all do things differently, some of us do this full time, others in their spare time…but we are all passionate about what we do – and it is time we share this passion with the whole world! Sounds impossible right…a television show about Domaining!?!? I’m going to do it because I know that I can!

What is your big idea? Do you believe in yourself enough to do it? As Lennon said, “Some may say I’m a dreamer…but I’m not the only one!”

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton