Using HubSpot to identify potential domain buyers

I recently discovered a feature in HubSpot which many of you might already know, but it’s new to me so I’m assuming it will be new to some of my readers as well. First I’ll back-up and tell you what HubSpot is for those that are completely new to it.

HubSpot is a suite of tools to improve inbound marketing and sales through software and automation. They have more tools and widgets than I can count or keep track of, but one of the core things they do is help generate inbound leads with data already available to you, that you just didn’t know existed.

The specific data that I think is interesting to domain owners is the email address of your website visitors. Yes, it’s something you might not have thought of but whether someone submits their email address on your site or not, there’s still a way to get their email address.

HubSpot allows you to put a little tracking code on your site and then you can instantly begin to access email addresses of website visitors, and for sites/domains with some traffic this means new leads every day. The call the feature, “Prospects” and you can read a bit more about it here.


Since this is a new discovery for me, I have absolutely no data on how well these leads convert, but I do think it’s worth experimenting with for a few domains that I see get a higher amount of traffic and offers. While my guess is the vast majority of the leads will end-up being people who visited the domain expecting a live site (i.e. not to buy a domain) there could be some diamonds in the rough which as domain investors, we’re always looking for.

It’s a pretty easy experiment to run, and like most experiments, it has a high chance of failure. Still I think this is interesting enough to look-into so I wanted to share the idea with all of you. Also I’d like to ask if any of my readers have tried this themselves as HubSpot has been around for quite some time and I’m definitely late to the party when it comes to leveraging features like this.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton