Apple requiring native apps for Apple Watch starting June 1st


I was an early-adopter of the Apple Watch and have had it pretty much since launch. While I initially bought it thinking it would be nothing more than a novelty, I’ve actually found it to be an amazing watch. Still, since the day I bought it there was one big drawback, the apps were mostly useless without a phone.

While it’s not common that I don’t have my phone with me, it would also be nice to have a watch that can run without another device. This has been a common issue and Apple is making major moves to address it requiring that all Apple Watch apps work independent from a phone starting June 1st.


This is going to make a lot of Apple Watch users very happy and it’s likely to bring new users to the device as well who previously felt too restricted. It’s a good move and one that I think is largely based on user feedback given what a major issue this has been for Apple since launching the watch.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton