Using Facebook Fan Pages To Build Your Brand + Add Interactivity

I’ve taken the plunge and created a Facebook fan page for my blog – you can now become a fan by simple clicking on the “Like” button on the banner at the right-hand side. This is something I meant to do months ago and I’m hoping to make this another valuable resource and extension of my blog.

facebook_fan_pageSo why a fan page?

There are a few ways that I’ll be using my fan page differently than my regular Facebook account. Right now I share everything on my Facebook account from what I had for breakfast, what I’m doing on the weekend as well as my blog posts and Domaining banter. In the end it’s not very targeted and my friends often complain to me about all my dorky Domaining updates that clog their updates page. At the same time not too many Domainers really want to follow my trip to Vegas with my friends from High School every step of the way. So I decided it was time for a fan page.

The fan page is really a fan page for but I thought it made sense just to have it under Morgan Linton since it is my personal blog. On my fan page I’ll be focused entirely on Domaining and offering tips that I don’t share on my blog or my regular Facebook account. Usually every morning and evening I spend some time soaking-up as much info as I can about SEO, Internet Marketing, etc. I can’t share all the great articles or tutorials I stumble-across but I will try to share as many interesting articles, forum, and blog posts as I can through my fan page. Like I said this info will not be available on my blog, Twitter account, or Facebook account so the Fan Page is really meant for Domainers like you!

Fan pages also have the advantage of allowing over 5,000 fans which is the limit that Facebook accounts have. Since I have big plans for my brand I’d like to hope that I could get more than 5,000 fans over the next few years. I hate the idea of hitting a limit at some point where people can’t follow my updates any more and that could happen with my regular Facebook account. Some major companies have already amassed a huge fan-base on their fan page – allowing them to connect with customers in a much better way than a standard Facebook account allows.

Adding Interactivity with Facebook

I have also added a new interactive feature to my blog that I’m hoping will allow me to bring the level of user interaction to a new level. If you scroll-down my blog and look on the left-hand side you’ll see the following:

Now you can actually chat live on my blog with me and other readers. I’ll be hosting scheduled chats as well where we can all meet at a particular times and discuss popular topics. Either way you should feel free to add any general questions or comments here and I’ll be monitoring it daily and doing my best to respond to questions. I’m also hoping that this will help my blog readers network and connect with each other, just think, you could post a question like, “Does anyone have any law-related .CO domains?” Or you could ask, “Any Domainers in Portland want to meet-up and talk Domains?” With the number of eyes on my blog I really have big plans for this and hope it can create just another channel for Domainers to connect.

I am putting-together fan pages for all of my brands and think it allows some great social media marketing opportunities. If you have any questions about how to setup fan pages just stay-tuned, I’ll be doing a tutorial on this shortly since the process can be a bit confusing the first time. Now – if you like my blog, enjoy all the free content please scroll back up to the top and hit the “Like” button. Apart from showing your support you’ll also get access to my fan page with exclusive tips and tricks you won’t find on my blog, Facebook account or Twitter!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton