Update From Affiliate Convention – Here's What You're Missing!!

Hello from a convention that is NOT in the Domaining industry but is so interlinked I’m still baffled Bruce Marler and I are the only Domainers here!! This conference is all about how to make money through affiliate marketing which of course is one of the main ways you can monetize your domain names. Everyone here is making money online and most are doing it through domains they own that rank well for targeted search terms. Guess what? Nobody here knows about Domaining – we don’t exist folks!!

At the beginning of the first seminar the moderator made an excellent point – it’s all about having conferences that give access to FREE information. A majority of people attending this conference attend for FREE and get access to all the seminars and the showfloor along with an awesome party tonight in Beverly Hills. Below is a video of the opening comments:

I have been going around to the booths, introducing my company and explaining that we investing in domain names. So far nobody knows what I’m talking about and I have to explain to them that it is a real industry, not a collaborative of cybersquatters. Come’on guys – people here should know what we do! Then again – how would they? Remember – these are people who are making money online with domains and they don’t know Domaining.com exists or what the word Domaining even means!

People don’t know what we do because to meet us in person you have to shell-out enough money to prove you are a big shot otherwise as an industry we could care less about you. This show is welcoming to all and the idea is simple – if you want to learn and grow your business we’re happy to give you FREE access to information.

At lunch we ended-up talking with the VP of ClickBank – he was inspired and engaged, completely interested in talking to us and learning about what we do. It was clear that his mind was open as the first thing he said to me was “is there anything you think we could do better?” – this is the VP!

It is time we opened the doors to more than just the people that make a full-time living with domains. It is amazing to be at a conference full of people who make money with domains that don’t know what Domaining is – this shouldn’t be happening.

I have 600 domains of which 120 are developed and making passive income for my business. At this conference I’m learning how to make even more money with these domains and the other 480 that are yet to be developed. I’m not learning this from a Domaining blog or conference – I’m learning this from an Affiliate Conference – people we should all be paying attention to especially as Google Adsense revenue declines. This IS where the money is – are you getting your fair share or are you too focused on making the next big sale? Remember, making money with domains names isn’t all about selling, that is active income, passive income could be the revenue-machine your business is missing!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton