Five Things I Learned From The Affiliate Convention – Day One

Bruce and I had a blast at the Affiliate Convention today! Always great to be around other inspired and like-minded people. So much convergence between Domaining and Affiliate Marketing now that it feels like we’re amongst friends! Let’s face it, many Domainers shifted from parking to Adsense – but now they’re not making anything on Adsense. I’ve been a big affiliate guy for quite some time but have never thought of attending an affiliate convention…but I’ve got the bug now and this will definitely be the first of many I will be attending!

I learned more today than I thought possible and would like to give a HUGE thanks to all the amazing speakers at the convention! So – what better than to share what I learned with all of you (well not everything, but five things!) – so here are five things I learned today, some of which can probably help you make money with your own domains!

  1. Social Media Is KING (I knew this already but today it was solidified even more) – social media is slowly chipping-away at search as people are finding Twitter and FaceBook to be their most trusted sources.
  2. The #1 word used in 2009 was “Twitter” – the #2 word was “Obama”
  3. 36% of Internet users are viewing your site at a resolution of 1024×768 so if your blog, Twitter site, mini-site, etc. doesn’t look good at this resolution you might be missing-out on 36% of your potential clicks!
  4. Do a comparison on Alexa of vs. – what you will see will amaze you
  5. One of my favorite quotes of the day (from Chris R. Curtis) “The Google generation is over – it is now the YouTube generation”

Okay so #5 was ONE of my favorite quotes of the day but not my favorite. My favorite quote from today is “In 6 months more content was added to YouTube than major networks have added in the last 60 years.” This once again reminded me why branding around .tv was a great move for me – this IS where the world is moving…and it’s moving quickly!

More to come tomorrow along with a video interview with Bruce that you won’t want to miss! Now we’re off to Beverly Hills with Jason from DNPimping to see Shock G from Digital Underground do the humpty – oh yeah!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton