Unsubscribe.com is expiring, and it’s at $26,000 in auction with less than an hour to go

Unsubscribe.com domain auction

Great domain names expire all the time for one reason or another. In most cases, the owner stopped using it and has no idea what domain names typically sell for in the open market.

Today that seems to be the case for Unsubscribe.com which has expired and is in auction at Go Daddy.

The bidding is currently at $26,000 and like most auctions you can expect a big jump towards the end. In my opinion this is a six-figure domain and I’m pretty sure most of the people bidding on it feel the same so even at $40k+ it has the chance to provide a nice ROI to the buyer.

I always like to guess what a name like this will sell for, I think we’ll see a nice jump towards the end so I’m going to guess $38,000. What do you think the final sale price will be?

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton