Uniregistry takes the cake when it comes to buying .APP domain names

I have been writing about .APP quite a bit over the past week and for good reason, it’s on fire and breaking records when it comes to adoption. Over 100,000 .APP domain names have been registered in the first day of general availability…and I accounted for three of those 100,000 🙂

Last week I wrote about my attempt to buy Scooter.app through Go Daddy and after paying $499 I received a notification from Go Daddy this weekend that I didn’t get the name and that $499 would be coming right back to me.


This week I decided to explore other registrars for .APP and after taking the Uniregistry experience for a spin I have to say, they take the cake when it comes to registering .APP domains. What I really like about the Uniregistry experience is that you’re able to search for .APP names and see availability in realtime, rather than having to type in a domain, press a button, wait, and repeat to find what’s available.

Here’s an example of the user experience, you simply type in the domain, press nothing and a second later it shows if the domain is available or not.


Along with getting a couple of domains at $19.88 I was also able to snag Scooters.app for $108, sure it’s not Scooter.app, but I didn’t want to shell out $1,500 for Scooter.app since I’m a .COM guy and don’t know much about the investment potential of .APP so I’m a-okay with the plural.


Of course this experience on Uniregistry isn’t limited to .APP, you can search for domains and instantly see availability in realtime across all the extensions they carry. Also it’s important to note that I could have also purchased Scooters.app through Go Daddy but Uniregistry won me over with their UX since it made it a lot easier to search for names quickly.

Have you registered any .APP domains yet? As I’ve said in my previous posts, I don’t have any idea if they will make good investments so I’m sticking to .COM, still I’ll register a handful of them, and when I do, I’m sticking with Uniregistry.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton