.APP domain names are now available to register, but it’s going to cost you

Yesterday Google released the long-awaited .APP domain name but don’t get too excited, most domain registrars are asking for $10,000/domain to register a domain in this long awaited TLD.

The so-called Early Access Period (EAP) for .app domain names started at 16:00Z yesterday. This Dutch auction starts with high registration fees that drop ever time.
Most registrars were asking for at least $10,000 to register a domain during the first day of EAP. That’s on top of the normal and premium registration fees. (Source – DomainNameWire)

Of course, even at $10k each some major words were registered in the .APP domain extension like Sex.app and Music.app. In total 40 .APP domain names were registered in the first day and you can see some of the names that were registered here compliments of OnlineDomain.com.

There are plenty of domains that don’t surprise me at all like Casino.app, Tax.app, and Q.app. At the same time, there are a few headscratchers like eBike.app that you would think might be worth waiting for since the price is going to come down over time.

Of course it was hard for me not to jump in and pre-register a .APP name…which I’m guessing will probably go beyond the price I’m willing to pay but I’d still like to be in the mix for.


I’m a big fan of scooters and living in San Francisco I can tell you there literally is a scooter on just about every block. Whether you’re using Bird or Lime, it’s not hard to hop on a scooter and get to your destination a lot faster, and let’s be honest, using a method of transportation that is more fun that walking, biking or Ubering.

My guess is Scooter.app is going to surge above $10,000 but hey, I’d still like to be a part of the bidding. You might think it’s silly for me to share what I’m bidding on but let’s be honest, I definitely won’t be on the only one bidding so I don’t think posting this on my blog is going to force me to pay more for it than I would need to if I kept on bidding.

If you could buy one .APP domain, what would it be?

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton