If you want to buy a .APP domain should you try your luck at an auction or buy it outright?


Yesterday I wrote a post about the launch of .APP and mentioned that I had placed a bid through Go Daddy on a .APP domain. Yesterday Bill Kara, a friend of mine and someone who I definitely look up to in the domain world asked me a pretty good question:


So Bill brings up a pretty good point. Rather than going through Go Daddy’s auction process for a domain and shelling out $500, I could have spent $1,500 and just secured the exact domain I was looking for.

My logic here is that if I get lucky and nobody else bids against me, I could get the domain for $1,000 less, which would be nice. At the same time, I take a risk because other people could bid against me and bring the price way above $1,500 and then I could be kicking myself.

In this case my actual answer is that I’m not super interested in investing in .APP domains so I don’t really want to spent $1,500 on the name. I’ll take my chances and see if I get lucky on this one but I’m going to stick to .COM like I have for years.

Now some people said I should buy the domain I was looking for with the word app appended to it in .COM, but that’s assuming that I have some strong interest in keywordapp.com domains which I actually don’t think are very interesting. I think a startup would much rather have the exact match name .APP than they would a .COM with the keyword followed by the word app – but that’s just my two cents.

Either way I plan to buy either zero or one .APP domains so it’s not something I’m putting a ton of time or energy into. If I get lucky, great, but .COM is where my focus is for now and for the foreseeable future.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton