Two 50-Site Networks, Two TLDs – Neither of them .Com!

I’ve been working on a big development project within my company this year. I spoke about it at TRAFFIC Vancouver and thought it was time to share it with all of you. One thing I say a lot is, “I’m a slow and steady wins the race kind of guy.” I’m less interested in making one or two big sales and more interested in developing a system that will pay me for life. Some people like active income, products they have to actively sell themselves to make money – I like passive income, setting-up a system to generate income.

The important thing to realize about passive income is that it isn’t passive at all, in the beginning. First you have to actually create and optimize the system and this is a LOT of work. I’m fairly certain that’s what scares most people away from anything having to do with passive income. Who wants to spend a year building-up a few thousand dollars a month of passive income when they can make a few five-figure domains sales? I do 🙂

My goal is simple – generate over $10,000/month in passive income from my domain names. What am I doing to reach this goal? I have numerous development projects going-on at once and build between 5-10 active sites every month. To date I have 150 sites build and about 80% of those are generating a consistent monthly income for my business.

This year I have two major development projects – a 50-site Credit/Debt Network, and a 50-Site Law network – and the TLDs being used are .us and .me! That’s right, I’m not a .com guy, I was too late. However you probably know by now that I’m a keyword guy and I’ve put together a great portfolio of .us and .me domains with strong search volume and a high CPC. Remember, you can geo-target a .me to Google US making the .me, .us, .com, .net, .org, etc. completely equal in the eyes of Google. My .me sites have the same chance of outranking the exact same keyword domain in a .com – I might not get the type-in traffic but when it comes to search I’m aiming for the top!

Along with building theses two networks I’ve also been working on a suite of tools. It’s still far too early to beta and I’m someone that likes to keep quiet about these things until they are fully operational so that’s all I’ll say for now.

So are you ready to see an example of some of the sites we’ve been building? The first example I’d like to share comes from the Credit/Debt Network, the site is As you know I’m a data guy, so here’s why I think this domain has a lot of potential:

Exact-Match Global Monthly Searches: 9,900
Exact-Match Local Monthly Searches: 6,600
CPC: $7.81

This is the exact search volume I love and know I do well in, above 1,000 and below 10,000. This means the space is big enough that my site can get a meaningful amount of visitors. With a CPC above $5.00 I usually know there is some lead-gen potential, in this case there is a LOT of lead-gen potential since the credit/debt niche is the hottest lead generation category this year!

The next site I wanted to share is from our Law network – Once again, I’m a numbers guy so here are the stats:

Exact-Match Global Monthly Searches: 2,400
Exact-Match Local Monthly Searches: 1,900
CPC: $40.24

Once again, nice search volume right in the area I know I can perform well and a CPC of $40.24 means that whether I’m having someone fill-out a lead-gen form or just click on a Google PPC ad there’s a lot of money being made with each user action.

My goal is to have all one-hundred sites built by the end of the year, I can’t do it at 5-10 sites/month which is why the new tool I’m developing should make my life much easier, and my goal attainable. Necessity is the mother of invention right?

Stay-tuned as I’ll be sharing more details and data from my big 2010 development project!

Warning – Shameless Plug!

Oh, and if you like what you see and would like to have some of your domains developed-into sites like these, my company does that too! Just visit to learn more about the development, monetization, and SEO services that we offer.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton