Afternic Adds New Tool for Large Portfolio Owners

Today Afternic announced the Afternic Portfolio Manager – a new tool to help large portfolio owners manage and sell their domains. The tool is designed to make it easy for large portfolio managers to manage and sell their domain through Afternic and their huge partner network. This is the current problem that large portfolio-owners face – systems that weren’t designed to scale well – Afternic has designed a solution that scales to accommodate everyone!

They are already starting to see some exciting results – TurnCommerce, a domain development company, has been playing around with the tool for a few months now and already experienced a 20% increase in domain sales. “NameMedia’s new product provides us with a great resource to sell domain names,” said TurnCommerce Co-Founder, Andrew Reberry.

I really like the idea of tools that allow Domainers to manage more domains, more efficiently. I’ve found that many platforms that work well for 50-100 domains might not work well for 500 or 1,000 domains. Scalability is key and it’s clear that Afternic is staying on the leading-edge here. Afternic’s Senior Vice President, David Hauser said “Today’s launch means that large portfolio owners have a reliable, flexible and simple web service solution to effectively manage inventory in real-time while placing the domain names for sale at AfternicDLS.”

At a time when more Domainers than ever are looking for liquidity this comes as great news! You can sign-up for an account with Afternic and use the new Afternic Portfolio Manager for free by simply visiting!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton