June 2010 Southern California Domainer Meet-Up Recap

This past Saturday we had our June Southern California Domainer Meet-Up and I’m excited to say it was one of our best ever! It was smaller than our last few meetings with an attendance of ten people however by changing the format a bit we were able to make this our most interactive meeting yet.

The Meet-Up was held at the Urth Caffe in Downtown Los Angeles and they were nice enough to let us use their conference room free of charge for the Meet-Up! The room was the perfect size allowing all of us to sit around one table and have a group discussion. Normally at our meetings people break-out into groups of 3-4 after we’ve completed the structured section in the beginning. In this Meet-Up the group all talked together, sharing ideas and asking questions.

Michael Castello has been a big supporter of the group since the beginning and provided some great insight and a lot of inspiration to the group. It was Michael’s idea to bring the group together as one and start a discussion that included everyone and I can honestly say this changed the dynamic of the Meet-Up in an incredible way!

Everyone in the group felt very comfortable asking questions and sharing their own ideas. It was great to have the whole group working together and I know that I learned a lot from questions that other people asked! Our topics spanned from building online brands and the importance of creating user interaction on a site all the way to hosting and ccTLDs. Michael was able to use Nashville.com and some of the latest improvements they’ve made to the site as examples for the group. Hearing Michael’s thinking on how to build online brands is an incredible experience and just shows what a great opportunity groups like ours create!

At the Meet-Up we also announced our first three committees! Anyone that is part of the group is welcome to join one, two, or all three committees. The idea is simple – every Meet-Up a member of each committee will give a short presentation (5-10 minutes) at the beginning highlighting some of the latest and greatest developments within their subject-area. The committees were picked by the members of our group through an online voting system that was made available for a month before the Meet-Up. The three committees that were picked are:

  1. Domain Development and Monetization
  2. Selling Domains
  3. Affiliate Marketing and Lead Generation

We will be sending-around sign-up information shortly to group members so they can specify which committees they would like to be a part of.

Thanks to everyone who attended the Meet-Up, it was a great one and with the phenomenal discussion for the second-half of the Meet-Up I can see our future meetings improving dramatically. I’d like to give a special thanks to Michael for being so involved and supportive of the group – it means a lot to have you there! Stay-tuned as we’ll be announcing the date and location of our July Meet-Up shortly!

If you would like to join the group you can do so at www.MeetUp.com/Domaining

If you are a Domainer in California that would like to connect with other Domainers you can also join CADomaining.com

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton