Kayaking.org Makes It To The FIRST Page Of Yahoo In Two Weeks!

Well this was a pretty exciting weekend as I noticed a nice spike in my traffic at one of my most recently-launched properties – Kayaking.org. When I delved-into the analytics to see where all this traffic was coming from I was surprised – it came from Yahoo and a majority of it was by people who searched for the word, “Kayaking”. So I immediately went to Yahoo and there it was on the first page, above the fold, and this is only TWO WEEKS after finishing the site, as you can see there are 74 million results for “Kayaking” and I’m number four!

I’ve spent a while analyzing my competition and Paddling.net is one of my top competitors in the space. The site has been running for nine years, yes – nine years and has tons of content about Kayaking – they even include the word Kayaking in their page title! However after two weeks on the web Kayaking.org has out-ranked them.

Now here is the most amazing thing, for those of you that read my post – Domain Development – Taking Kayaking.org To The Next Level – you know that I haven’t even started doing any SEO on the site yet! I am still adding a number of core features to the site like photo sharing, a discussion forum, and better Twitter integration. However without any SEO work on my part, the unique content coupled with domain name have landed me on the first page of Yahoo.

As I do SEO for the site I’ll be sharing each step with all of you. Hopefully, by the time I’m done with all of my SEO tweaks I’ll be on the first page of Google as that is of course my main goal. Still – the first page of Yahoo in two weeks isn’t bad and with all the new features I’m adding I’m certain it will become the top Kayaking resource online!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton