Is Back Tonight For a One-Hour Special – 7:00PM PST

Well I had hoped to broadcast earlier in the week but with three 16+ hour workdays in a row there was no way to fit it in. Why am I working like such a maniac? I have some very BIG goals, and you don’t achieve BIG goals working 8-hours a day. Still, something didn’t feel complete this week, something was missing – I want my MTV!

So tonight it’s going to be a one of a kind show with an hour-long special running from 7:00pM – 8:00PM PST tonight. We will be doing the Lightning Round along with one of our newest segments – “What Bugs You” where Domainers can actually call-into the show and let us all know what’s bugging them in the Domaining world. With the extra time I’m planning on trying-out a few new segments as well so anyone watching will be the first to see some of my latest ideas.

If you’ve seen the show before you know – it’s not perfect – but I sure hope that it’s always entertaining. Let’s face it – I’m running a live TV show out of my loft in Los Angeles, it takes five computers, studio lighting, a pro-mixer and mic just to make the show look as homemade as it does now 🙂 It’s a lot of work but in the end having all the great people attend the show over the last few weeks has made me confident this is only the beginning.

So get ready folks – tonight is going to be a special one! Remember to login to the chat or you’ll miss-out on interacting with the show which really is what makes this format much more interactive than live broadcast television!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton