iGoldrush Report Monthly Videos Are Back For 2013

Back in 2011 Paul Goldstone and I teamed up to provide monthly videos for new domain investors. We came up with the idea actually just after jet skiing with Frank Schilling in the Cayman Islands, how’s that for inspiration! Here’s a shot of us, and yes, I know I’m just about the least-tanned person on the planet!


We were off to a great start but my schedule was too overloaded, I was working full time, running a Domaining business, planning a wedding, the list goes on, suffice it to say I had too much on my plate. So I told Paul we’d have to take a break. It was disappointing to me because I was having a lot of fun doing this video series with Paul. iGoldRush was one of the first sites I discovered back in 2007 when I was just starting to learn about domain investing. The industry has changed my life and people like Paul have been a part of making this industry so incredible.

Now that I no longer spend my weekends working day and night I have decided I finally had the time to do this right. The focus of these videos has also changed as my business and the role I play in it has also changed. The videos shared this year will be focused on running a Domaining business so topics like hiring developers and designers, managing your portfolio, and getting ready for tax time will all be in there.

To kick-off 2013 our first video shares five tips for getting the most out of Domain Conferences. With WEBfest just around the corner I know there are many new investors who might be attending a conference for the first time and this video was made with them in mind. You can watch the video by clicking on the image below or visiting iGoldrush.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton